Starting business in Nigeria

The situation we find ourselves now in Nigeria is not one that should make anybody rely solely on their jobs.

Every year not less than 500,000 students graduate from the university and are sent to the labour market to find jobs and if you would agree with me the jobs are not there or are given to some selected few with “connections”.

Out of those graduates less than 10% of them get employed and the remaining 90% are left wondering around with nothing to do. This makes the crime rate in any country increase.
You might be saying “well I have a job so this does not concern me” but I must tell you something. In Nigeria today there is no such thing as job security.

Let’s take an example: Intels is one of the biggest service boat companies in Nigeria and anyone working there would believe that no matter what happens their jobs will be secured.
The thing is over the past 3 years this big company has sacked over 3,000 of their employees due to the economy situation of the country.

This should give you an idea why starting a business is important.

There are individual out there that have an idea of starting a business but due to the fear of the unknown they have given up on their dreams. (I hope this article reignite the fire to start your business).
I have always wanted to start my own online business but because of doubt if it would succeed or not I decided to put the idea on hold.

After a while of working in an organisation and finding out that I was not getting the satisfaction I desired, I then went back and against all odds I started my online business and I must say I don’t regret it for a second.

There are lots of reasons why you should start your own business but I will highlight 7 reasons to start a business.

No Job
Like I said earlier there are lots of people looking for job but the jobs are few. The last police recruitment that took place, they were only looking for 10,000 people but over 100,000 applied for the job. If you are a graduate and still seeking for where to submit your CV I think it would be best you start considering what business you can go into. If you are employed starting a business can help you live a better life financially.

Job Satisfaction/Security
You would agree with me that if a survey is carried out to know how many employed workers their jobs gives them the satisfaction they need I can guarantee you that 80% are not getting the satisfaction they need. Most people work not because they love the job they do but because they have to look for a means to put food on the table for their families.

On the other hand, nobody can be so sure of their work because anything can happen and that job can be lost. Even if the job is not lost, you only have a limited time to stay on any job. It is either you are retired at the age of 60 years or you have worked for 35 years.

You Need Time For Yourself, Family and Friends
There is no job that is an easy one, working the 9-5 job can be very stressful. Most of the times you can’t do the things you love because when you remember you have to go to work the next day you will be forced to go back home. There are most time you would feel like travelling but can’t go because you have to show up for work but with your own business, you will be able to have time for yourself and family and also get the chance to do the things you love.

To Make More Money
Diversifying your income stream is the way to leave a life of financial freedom. By just having a single job, you are only limited to the amount of salary you are paid every month. With a business of your own, you can generate more income.

Build You Up
Most often than none, the drive to keep aspiring for greater heights dies when you working a 9-5 job as you keep doing the same thing over and over again. But with a business, you are faced with challenges on a daily bases. As the challenges keeps coming, you will be forced to look for ways to solve them which will bring out the creative side of you which you might not know exist.

Be Your Own Boss
Believe me working with some bosses can be very difficult as they are willing to do everything possible to frustrate you and you can’t do anything about it. They determine when you work, how you work and just put your life in a cage. When you start your own business, you become the boss of your own thereby you are able to choose your working pattern and run your business from anywhere you deem fit.
Create Jobs
With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, your business can help create job opportunities for people. Whatever business you decide to venture into, you will need the assistant of other to help keep your business running.

What Any Business Is Anchored On
There are two things that every business is anchored on and they include: selling a service and selling a product.

Selling A Service: This is the aspect of business where your customer’s can’t touch what you do. Depending on the kind of business you are into, you can sell a service such as helping people clean their homes, car washing etc.

Selling A Product: This involves selling what your customer’s can touch. This may include pencil, hammer, grocery etc.

Whatever business you may intend to start, it is wise you first seat down to figure out if your business is going to be a service or a product base business. With this you would be able to draw out a proper business plan.

Businesses have ups and downs and there are lots of challenges you will face on the way but that should not stop you from starting your business. With dedication, 100% commitment and the grace of God you can succeed in any business you set your mind to do.


What a single lady should know

Everything is not about your village people or old women in the village.
Some are costly mistakes you have made in your past or present relationship.
What you should know…….
It’s an error to allow a man to enjoy the benefits of marriage, while he kept you as a girlfriend.
Not every man that is financially OK, is mentally ready for marriage.
Marry purpose not side attraction.
If you don’t feel anything for him, is risk to marry him, this is not people’s marriage but your marriage..
Marriage is the Union of two purpose, not Union of sexy babe and six pack boo..
If you don’t trust a man, don’t claim to love him, Because love without trust, is a child’s play.
Asking to know is not desperation, no man embarks on a journey without destination.
Is not wrong to ask ” what is your plans for us” Some parents are selfish oriented. Don’t marry for money or wealth.
Marry your friend and consider your happiness
Do not trust any of your fellow ladies, until you’re sure of the kind of man you’re dating.
( The only best friend you have is ” YOU”)
No man has right over your body, expect the one that have paid your bride price.
Never use SEX to show love..
A man who truly loves you must make out time for
you, he avoids unnecessary excuses.
if you allow “attention” and “communication” to be one sided, he will take you for granted.
Allow a man to prove his love.
Do not fight your fellow lady over a man.
Kindly give them a space because a gentle man knows what he wants..
Never you beg a man to see your parents..
Most men see it as desperation..
A woman is like a flower, you have your shinning days and dry season.
Do not wait for a man without tangible
When you’re celebrating a boyfriend, you’re reducing your bride price, I’m ready is not by month but by
taking up your responsibility.
Be wise like Esther in the bible to know when a man is available to ‘use’ you or to ‘build’ you.
( Esther 8:5)

Group Urges African Leaders To Give Priority Attention To Education For Global Competitiveness

Stakeholders in the sector drawn from West African countries gathered in Topo-Badagry, Lagos recently to deliberate on how to move education forward for sustainable development in line with global trends. The gathering was a two-day workshop organized by the administrative staff college of Nigeria in collaboration with Cvarsity Heritage Consults as part of their contribution to the development of the sector in the region.

The workshop was designed for officers in the federal and state ministries of education, women affairs, youth development, university faculties of education, colleges of education, polytechnics, as well as agencies charged with the responsibility of managing schools in West Africa.

Director-General of the staff college, Mrs. C.U. Gayya, said Africa must wake up from her slumber and do the needful about her educational system to make the region globally competitive and relevant. She warned that if the present trend continues, Africa would no doubt in the next decade be worse off than it is presently.

Registrar of Management Development Institute, Gambia, Salifu Jobe urged the workshop to identify strategic options that can be used to strengthen national capacities to improve policy formulation, implementation and assessment in the education sector.

Deputy Director, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Mr. Emmanuel A. Wambia, who led a delegation of seven members nominated by the examination body to represent the board at the workshop said something urgent should be done to save the region from being at the back seat in the scheme of things in education when bench-marked with the rest of the world.

Citing the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) recommendations particularly on education for all, gender equality, pupil to teacher ratio, teaching methods and funding, the region is still far from meeting them.

For instance, the participants observed that over 10 million children are-out-of school hawking and assisting their parents to survive harsh economic conditions or are internally displaced persons while the boy-child is still given priority over a girl –child. Instead of the 40:1 pupil to teacher ratio recommended by UNESCO, the group noted that some classes in the region are up to 80:1.

“How can teaching and learning be effective? Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is globally the teaching method but in West Africa, we still use chalkboard under the tree. While Europe, the United States and Asia apply DALTON method since 1920s, many university teachers in the re4gion still believe in face-to-face contact because they are neither trained teachers nor ICT compliant,” the participants lamented.

On the poor funding of the sector by African leaders, the group noted that only Nigeria (in the whole West Africa) has so far budgeted over 6.5 percent in education as at 2018. Besides, they noted that other developed countries of the world including use curriculum that exposes individuals to discover self, be productive and develop skills that make graduates break the vicious cycle of poverty, West Africa still uses curriculum that produces unemployable graduates.

Burning of students phone, an act of indiscipline or aberration

In recent times, Nigerian students have been under widespread attacks from the management of their various institutions, ranging from the recent arrest and detention of students of Madonna University, Okija, Anambra State, over a facebook post about their university, to last Wednesday’s burning of phones at Ibadan Polytechnic, Oyo State. Human rights advocates find the act absurd, writes UJUNWA ATUEYI.

There are right and wrong ways of disciplining a child. The wrong way, of course, is when that discipline turns bad and goes too far. In Nigeria today, undergraduates have suffered numerous human rights abuses, all in the name of discipline, with government, local and international human rights organizations doing little or nothing about it.

It is established that students’ rights are civil, constitutional, contractual and consumer rights, which regulate their freedoms and allow them to make use of their educational investment.

These include such things as the right to free speech and association, due process, equality, autonomy, safety and privacy, and accountability in contracts and advertising, which regulate the treatment of students by teachers and administrators. Sadly, there is very little knowledge about students’ rights globally, and the situation becomes worsened when only a handful of students are aware of such.

In an organized society, the rule of law is usually observed in punishing or disciplining offenders, and every organization is expected to be guided by those laid down rules.

But the incident that broke out at Ibadan Polytechnic last week where the management of the institution burnt over 1000 students’ mobile phones has again brought to the fore the extent of abuse students suffer in their respective schools, according to human rights advocates.

They described the action of the management as a violation of civil and constitutional rights of students, as well as an arbitrary exercise of power. The rights activists said the institution’s management went overboard as nowhere was it stated in the school’s document that the burning of phones is part of the school’s disciplinary measures.
As far as the human rights advocates were concerned, it was a discipline gone wrong, as due process and fair hearing, ought to have been followed, while the final judgment should have been decided by a regular court or tribunal. Others are even worried that a such a number of students could be involved in examination malpractice, adding that genuine student activists could be the targets.

In all, the hasty decision of the management to set the mobile phones worth millions of naira on fire calls for proper scrutiny as it speaks volumes. The incident, which had already generated hues and cries from certain quarters, according to a legal practitioner is contrary to section 440 and 451 of the Criminal Code Act (CCA), of Nigeria Law.

Recall that the management of the Ibadan Polytechnic, last Wednesday set ablaze mobile phones of students worth millions of naira. The phones were confiscated from students during the school’s examinations. The school management said it decided to burn the over 1,000 phones seized in the last one year to reaffirm its commitment to fighting examination malpractice.

But legal practitioners faulted the school’s action saying it is a discipline gone wrong and the “management deserves outright dismissal for such act.”According to reports, deputy rector, Bayo Oyeleke, who led other officials to the scene where the phones were set on fire, said the decision was also aimed at ensuring that examination in the school is seen as sacrosanct.

“We are here to take further action on our resolve to ensure that the crop of students and product being produced by the school are students with exemplary character and are those who really work and worth the certificate of the institution.“There are rules guiding the principles of our examinations and one of it is that no student under whatever guise should come into the examination hall with cell phones but you know that some students are very recalcitrant.

“We have resolved to confiscate them because it has been expressly stated on their examination paper that any phone found on any students during the examination shall be confiscated and in order not to allow any of the phones to filter out, the school has resolved that such shall be burnt,” he said. He further said there are rules guiding the school examination and that any student that goes against any of the rules would be made to face the consequences.

But an Associate Professor of Law at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Nelson Chegwe, is one of those who kicked against the decision of the school.

Chegwe, who holds a doctorate degree in International Law and Jurisprudence, said the decision to burn the phones and the burning thereof constitutes an exercise in the malicious and intentional destruction of private property contrary to section 440 and 451 of the CCA.

“It amounts to high handedness and arbitrary exercise of powers. The act amounts to punitive excesses. I have read the regulation of the institution and there was nowhere burning of the phone was prescribed as punishment for examination misconduct.

“The act violates section 36 dealing with fair hearing and section 44 dealing with compulsorily taken possession of an interest in movable property. The management of the institution has committed a crime and breached constitutional (civil right) of the student. Also, their rights to freedom of communication have been abused.

He continued, “The management should be sacked, the student restored to their property and a public apology tendered. The punishment was inhuman and degrading. The phones did not commit the offenses (that is assuming that there was an offense that was committed). The students did. Not the phones, which their parents bought with their hard-earned money to be able to communicate with their kids.
“If a student misdemeanor warrants seizure or destruction of any property, then it becomes an offense that is triable only by a regular court or tribunal under a law that has provisions for destruction, seizure or auction of property used in committing such offenses.”

For the President, Women Arise and Centre for Change, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, the action of the management was cruel, and therefore need to be thoroughly investigated.

According to the human rights advocate, “The burning of students mobile phones, as recently witnessed at the Polytechnic Ibadan appears so barbaric and requires a further probe, particularly by the media, in order to ascertain if there are existing laws that prevent possession of such items and the prescribed punishment for such.

“There are prescribed disciplinary measures for various degrees of offense in tertiary institutions and I know the polytechnic won’t be an exception, therefore every stakeholder within the institution must be seen to be committed to the dictates of the laws and regulations governing the schools. Each institution has its code of conduct and law guiding its operations. It is therefore left for individual institutions to determine how it hopes to manage and discipline its students, but all must fall within the laws of the land.”

On whether the action of the polytechnic is the best way to tackle issue of examination malpractice, Okei-Odumakin, said, “There is no doubt, that students now engage in the use of digital equipment particularly the mobile phones to cheat not only in the tertiary institutions but also at lower levels such as the secondary schools and during the conduct of entrance examinations.

“This culture is taking an ugly dimension and it’s beginning to take its toll on the standard of our education. It is therefore not out of order; to put in place measures that are strict and can deter students from engaging in examination malpractices. Yet, such measures must conform with the laws governing the institutions and overall, the country’s rule of law.”

Also, a human rights group, Joint Action Front (JAF), has also expressed worry over the incident and the volume of mobile phones destroyed, pledging to dig deep into the matter and unravel the truth. General Secretary of the organization, Comrade Abiodun Aremu, told The Guardian, that the action of the management should be investigated to ensure that it is not an act of vendetta on union leaders.

“We will do our own investigation before passing judgment. It is not unusual for authorities of higher institutions to lump genuine students activists together in such an act, so they use the slightest opportunity, to make a hasty judgment on them, and also label them cultists or exam cheaters.”

Again, “considering what we know about the Polytechnic Ibadan, in terms of standard, it will be difficult to believe that such a figure was involved in examination malpractice. So this calls for proper investigation as the matter speaks so much of the standard in that school, it is even an indictment as the number is outrageous when compared to the total population of the school.”

The National Coordinator, Education Rights Campaign (ERC), Hassan Taiwo Soweto, described the decision of the management as a product of poor judgment.“The event could be situated in a scenario where traffic officers burn the vehicles of alleged traffic offenders. It is just as irrational and as illegal as that. But it is not surprising, tertiary institutions are now run like military barracks with the rectors and vice-chancellors seeing themselves as garrison commanders.

“That is why students and staff unions are being routinely banned and activists victimized. The authorities do not consider students and members of staff as human beings who have some rights that must be respected. This is the only way to rationalize the irrational and shameful conduct of the institution’s management.

Suggesting other ways, the issue could have been handled, Soweto said, “The Polytechnic Ibadan is an old institution, with clear bye-laws and regulations. Rather than being overzealous, these regulations and attendant punishment could have been meted on the erring students through a democratic disciplinary process as enshrined in the laws of the polytechnic.

“But it would be another case entirely if the school rules make provision for such outrageous punishment; and in such case, the regulation would be quite dehumanizing and destructive.

Stating that the act is surely not the best way to tackle malpractice, Soweto said examination misconduct could be caused by many factors other than technology. “Harsh teaching environment, poor teaching facilities, and economic pressures on students could altogether create disinterest in learning that may cause students to cheat the system. Destroying students’ phones would not remove these factors.
While the institutions are not responsible for the underfunding at the root of almost all problems in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, they are in any case responsible for mismanaging the little funds made available by government and draconic policies like this only help to compound the crisis.

On whether the action should be emulated by other institutions, he cautioned: “In a civilized and democratic clime that we all hope Nigeria can be situated, such action should not be emulated. It can only further reverse our journey towards the dignified treatment of our citizens irrespective of age or origin, a focal point to be protected by any democratic state.“Instead of emulating it, parents, staff and the student’s movement need to condemn this illegal conduct. In fact, the ERC demands an immediate congress of students to discuss these issues and map out a strategy of collective struggle to ensure the school’s action is condemned and such is never repeated again.”

Reasons I love you

50 reasons why I love you + many more ”I love you for so many reasons’, ‘I love you because you are all I think about all day’ or ‘You are kind and compassionate, this is why I love you ‘ are some of the most common responses to ‘What do you love about me?’. Here are some other ‘I love you because..’ quotes and messages that can brighten up your partner’s day. I love the way you look at me. I love you because one day you just decided to take a chance on me. I do not know exactly what made you decide to do it or what I did to deserve it, but I am always so happy that you gave us a shot. Such a great relationship has come out of it. I love you because you are so cute and adorable that I could never resist loving you. From the charming way you smile, to the way you laugh and the little mannerisms that you have, it is just impossible to not love you. You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world. I love you because you want to know everything about me, including every little boring detail and memory. While most people would be bored by every detail of my life, you always want to know everything that there is to know about me. With you I can be myself. Image: Source: Original I love you because I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would even be like without you. I could never go back to how things were before I met you. My life just would not be the same. I love you because you always manage to laugh at my jokes, even when they are not all that funny You always support me when I am upset and always laugh at my foolish jokes, you love me without changing me, I appreciate it. You make me happy. I love you because of how easily you can finish my sentences sometimes. It is like you know exactly what I am thinking or sometimes it even feels like we share the same thoughts before we even say them out loud. You dare me to be a better version of myself. Image: Source: Original You follow me and you push me. I love how I feel when I look into your eyes, I see the universe in them, nobody and nothing matters when we are together I love you because we are family and friends at the same time. When we’re together, all my problems disappear. I love you because you have such a special ability to see the good in everyone and in every situation. I love you because even in the coldest weather you warm me with your love and warmth. You make my heart smile. READ ALSO: How to propose a girl in the most romantic way I love you because we have so many great memories together that we share. All of our shared memories have brought us closer and have made us stronger. I cannot wait to make even more memories with you. I love that I can just be myself with you. I do not have to pretend to be anyone else for you to love me Image: Source: Original You can substitute friends, mates, and relatives for me, but nobody can substitute you. I love your romantic nature, you always please me with little surprises. I love you because you have always been so supportive of me and my dreams in ways that I could not have imagined. You love me in the times when I’m not capable to love myself. I love that I can enjoy simple things with you, the sun and your kisses make me happy, like the sense of security that I feel when you hold my hand, I understand that with your support and love I can do everything. You love me in times when I act like I don’t love you. Image: Source: Original With you I can be myself, we fool around, take cute selfies and each time I feel as if we have never been so close. You forgive me quickly. I love to feel a little girl in your strong arms, you protect me and you’ll never let anyone hurt me. The fact that you chose me makes me feel like the luckiest person in the whole wide world. To know how much you wanted me makes me feel so special and loved. I love the way you look at me, I adore every wrinkle on your face, you are the man with whom I wanna grow old. I love you because you have never allowed any distance to get between us or separate us. No matter how far apart we are, my heart is always with you and your heart is always with mine. And I love that I never have to worry about that. You have given me the most precious gifts: your love and friendship, I couldn’t ask for anything more. You look at me like I am the only person in a room full of people You love expensive and beautiful pleasures and you incorporate them in our life, when we can afford it. You understand me. And when you don’t, you do everything and you go all in to get clarity about the things you don’t understand. Your words, glances, touches make my heart smile. Image: Source: Original You respect my boundaries. And you dare to cross them when you are sure you know better. You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world, you are able to see the beauty everywhere. You have the most wonderful eyes. Not just beautiful blue eyes “But the eyes I look into when I’m not sure if you love me and when I’m not sure if I love you and their answer is always, yes“. I love you because you are such a confident and courageous person. These are your qualities that I really admire and find attractive. I know that you can do anything that you put your mind to. You accept my sadness and my anger and you live in harmony with them. I love you because you are not afraid to open up to me about your feelings, both the good and the bad things. I love that you can easily trust me with how you feel, no matter what it is. You see and you love the next best version of me. We are connected, even in the crowd I’ll find your eyes and even ocean noise does not stop me from hearing your heartbeat. You open yourself up for me. You are the person, with whom I can dance under the rain, when we are together, all problems disappear. You are truthful and vulnerable with me. I like that I feel confident in our future with you, I see you as a perfect husband for me. You don’t play games. You listen to me when you know I’m right. You are doing everything to become a better man for yourself and for us. Image: Source: Original You know so much about everything and I love it when you tell me about history and all the other things I know little about READ ALSO: How to ask a girl out on a date: cutest methods You respect my friends and you make an effort together with me to nourish that relationships. I love you because of the incredible life that you and I have built together. Every memory, step, and journey taken with you means so much to me and all of it would not have the same meaning if you were not a part of it. I love you because the world is a much better place with you in it. Your compassion, generosity and your kindness are just a few of the qualities you possess that make the world so much better with you in it You are a determined man, you work hard for the sake of our family and our future, I evolve thanks to you, you make me better. I love you because you are not like any other person that I have met. There is something about you that is so special and precious. I love you because in all life situations you remain yourself, you are wonderful when you are happy or sad. I love you because you have given me so many priceless memories that I will always cherish, and you continue to give me many more memories to treasure. Funny reasons why I love you If you wish to surprise either your partner with an awesome ‘Why I love you so much’ quote, try incorporating some of these funny ‘what I love about you’ messages that will ensure that your quote is not only romantic but also humorous and memorable. You have a funny hair style, but I like your beard! I love the way you eat your favorite food with your mouthful and stuff the big bites in my mouth too You tell the truth even when you are asleep. I love the way you lose a pillow fight with me and let me win. No one knows how stupid you really are, except me. Image: Source: Original I love the way you complain about people I hate with me. As if you hate them just as much, even though you don’t Your smell like peaches and watermelon. I love the way you watch my silly TV shows and romantic comedies and pretend to like them. We both know you are getting bored but you don’t leave any stone unturned to make me believe otherwise. You think you’re in this adventurous movie! Every time. While driving. I love the way you get possessive about me when a random guy hits on me. As if I am ever going to find someone better than you. You always hide yourself when you do mistakes and be a stubborn-head. Image: Source: Original I love the way you imitate me and my silly gestures. How perfectly you pretend to be me! I love the way you fight off the monsters hiding under my bed and protect me. Use these reasons why I love you messages and quotes to show your partner why you appreciate them. Combine the quotes with a list of ‘what I love about you’ adjectives and watch them become happier and cherish you more. Do not be a boring partner, constantly remind your significant other why you adore them.

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